Executive board

President: Jason Sjostrom
Jason is the Director of the National Coaching Institute at the Canadian Sport Centre Calgary. Jason’s son Luke, has been with the band since 2009. His daughter competes in highland dancing with the Alberta Rocky Mountain School of Highland Dancing. His wife Heather has tolerated his passion for all things highland since their wedding in 1997. A solo bagpipe competitor himself, he is looking forward to a long future of his son beating him at every piping competition!

Vice-President: Nathan Baines
In conjunction with some Scottish ancestry, living in Scotland for a couple of years solidified my love for the bagpipes. I determined that if I could ever convince one of my children to take piping lessons I would join in. Success was achieved with son number one who started on the chanter with me. Many years have passed. While my skill on the pipes has stagnated, the children have been incredible in their progress. After four years in Nova Scotia with the Dartmouth and District Pipe Band, we joined OLPB upon our return to Calgary. I have had one piper with the band and currently have a snare drummer and practice chanter student with the band. That leaves two more sons to go. Outside of the band I am a lawyer with a large oil and gas company. I look forward to bringing my sober perspective to the OLPB executive!

Treasurer: Doug Britton

Registrar: Karen Landriault

Secretary: Patti Chisholm

Quartermaster: Aaron Ross
My wife and I were quite surprised when our son said he wanted to learn the bagpipes after chatting with someone from OLPB at a community event in McKenzie Lake. A year or so later, in 2011, he joined the band and started on the chanter. It has been very exciting to watch him and all his bandmates go from chanter to pipes, and be the core of a new Grade V pipe band. My family and I are very thankful for the OLPB family and the opportunity to contribute as the new Quartermaster.

Webmaster: Steve Elliott
Having no musical abilities whatsoever himself, Steve is happy to live his musical dreams through his son, who started learning the chanter with the band in 2011.

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