2014 OLPB Indoor Competition Recap

Thank you and congratulations for all those associated with the OLPB. What a great day we had on Saturday.

Springtime in Alberta!

Springtime in Alberta!

In spite of the unseasonal weather and a location new to us all, the OLPB Indoor yesterday was a huge success. Thank you to all parents and friends who helped with the day, whether organizing in advance, working the office function, coordinating the tremendous food bank donation initiative including drop off of the food, securing donations for the door prize, taking photos and video of performances, site set up and take down, stewarding, running, tuning.. etc., this couldn’t happen without the tremendous team effort in its organization.

Jenn - Volunteer Extraordinaire!

Jenn – Volunteer Extraordinaire!

Of course, as mentioned during the closing ceremony, the greatest thanks to Jenn Preza for her countless hours in putting this event on. Jenn’s work in securing the location was extraordinary this year and what a great spot. She contacted and coordinated the appropriate judges to carry out the events, set up the registration process and schedule for competitors, ensured we were aligned with ASPD for this sanctioned competition, coordinated the office for the tally of results and coordinated the volunteer support for the day.

Food bank donations.

Food bank donations.

This was also the first year we collected donations of food for the Veterans Food Bank, and with your generosity we collected almost 250 lbs of food and $180 cash. A big thank you as well to the Highland Scottish Gift Shoppe and Celtic Pipeline for donating prizes for the food donation raffle.

And to all the competitors from all the pipe bands, very well done! The OLPB band presented two strong performances; winning first in Grade IV with the Medley and presenting a strong MRS in the Grade III performance. Pat, Kathy and all of our instructors, thank you for your excellent teaching and guidance of the players’ talent.

It was also wonderful to see so many solo performers from within the band. We saw many strong results from individuals and the number of competitors from within our band each time lays that groundwork for those strong results — keep up the great work! Special congratulations to Declan and Jake in particular for their Piper and Drummer of the Day awards respectively.

You all continue to be an example of the what contribution, practice and focus on excellence can produce.

Annalise Van Ham

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